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OWASP Vietnam
OWASP Vietnam

About Us

In this age of information, security is becoming ever more important. Industrial espionage, cyber warfare, digital attack on seemingly intangible data can lead to tangible undesired, sometimes fatal, losses to both public and private organizations.
Blue Moon Consulting Co., Ltd was founded with one sole purpose: to assist in safeguarding your information assets. We pride ourselves on competency, professionalism and authenticity. Our people are rigorously trained, highly qualyfied, and internationally recognized. That's why we are always ready when you need us.
Beside the desire to help other businesses, we constantly remind ourselves of our duty to the society. Raising the bar of knowledge, producing top professionals, encouraging life-long learning are just a few goals. Staffed with the most experienced instructors who are themselves certified professionals, our training facility ensures students probably the best learning condition. Because each individual's success is our job.


Blue Moon Consulting is a young and dynamic company. We take our job seriously and we play our games furiously.
We have a very strict equal-opportunity policy where every employee is treated based only on their merits, not their races, origins, accents, etc. We do not just preach it, but we practice it. Seriously.
We strongly encourage an open communication from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy (and up). You can expect to see open doors, or even no door at all, in all our offices.
We treat employees as our close friends. Everyone enjoys a pat on their backs when they contribute, and takes constructive criticism when they miss a target.
Most importantly, we value our friends. We try to provide them with the most conducive environment for their self-development. And together we grow.
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