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OWASP Vietnam
OWASP Vietnam

Privacy Policy

Collection of information

Information on this web site is gathered in two ways:
Indirect information may contain your Internet Protocol address, port number, browser identification, cookies, etc. that our server can collect from your browsing the web site.
Direct information may contain your name, driving license number, citizen identification number, address, etc. that you provide to us.

Use of information

We analyze information obtained on this web site to improve the service for users.
Unless explicitly requested by you, we use collected information for marketing purposes.
Occasionally, we conduct system maintenance, audit, and incident investigation on the web site. Information collected will be used to help us in these cases.

Protection of information

We do not give, sell, or otherwise make available the information collected on the web site to any third party.
We may share your information with a third party only if the information is provided directly by you and you have been informed in advance of the information's release.
In case of being presented with a valid court order, we will fully comply with the law. The information collected on this web site may be given to the law enforcement.
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