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OWASP Vietnam
OWASP Vietnam

What Our Customers Say

“For more than 15 years of professional life, I've met a handful of really talented individuals and one talented company: Blue Moon Consulting. They have the most capable team one could wish for. Their people truly know the stuff they're doing from the inside out. I vouch for them always.”
Lam Dao Project Manager at Webstar
“The guys at Blue Moon Consulting and I were in a same team at HackInTheBox 2007 conference. Working with them non-stop for two days allowed me to fully feel their passion, knowledge, and conduct. Now I am very positive to say that they are true world-class professionals.”
Long Le Security Manager at TMA
“If you are looking for a good information security service provider in Vietnam, Blue Moon is the right place to go. What makes them rise above the rest is the fact that they are professional, talented individuals who have specific knowledge in one or many techniques, methodologies to optimize your needs.”
Thanh Nguyen Senior Security Technology Engineer at Intel
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