Title:XML Injection in PyBlosxom
Reporter:Blue Moon Consulting
Products:PyBlosxom v1.4.3
Fixed in:--


PyBlosxom is a lightweight file-based weblog system. The project started as a Python clone of Blosxom but has since evolved into a beast of its own. PyBlosxom focuses on three things: simplicity, extensibility, and community.

In v1.4.3, PyBlosxom suffers an XML injection issue. This allows a malicious user to insert abitrary code into the XML output from PyBlosxom.

The problem is with Atom flavor. Its head.atom uses $(url) and $url variables, in many places, that were not properly escaped. Injection can be made by forcing PyBloxsom to use Atom flavor such as http://host/path/%3Ccool%3E?flav=atom. A tag <cool> is injected in such URL.

Blue Moon Consulting has verified the bug in version 1.4.3. It is highly likely that it also exists in older versions starting from 1.3.


Disable Atom flavor by deleting atom.flav directory.


Users of PyBlosxom are advised to contact the vendor directly for a proper fix.


Blue Moon Consulting adapts RFPolicy v2.0 in notifying vendors.

Initial vendor contact:

February 07, 2009: Initial contact sent to Will Guaraldi.

Vendor response:

February 07, 2009: Will replied PyBlosxom did not use XML, so there could be no XML injection bug.

Further communication:

February 07, 2009: Replied to Will that we did find such bug.

February 08, 2009: Will was skeptical about the bug but asked us to file it in the bug tracker anyway.

February 08, 2009: We replied that filing security bug in a public bug tracker was not our disclosure practice. We again stated our disclosure policy and asked Will to accept it before we could send him further details.

February 08, 2009: Will said he would not make any agreement. We therefore decided to alert the public.

Public disclosure:

February 08, 2009

Exploit code:

No exploit code is needed.


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