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Fully Relocatable BeaEngine

The relocatable BeaEngine is a modified version of BeaEngine. It is provided as a DLL (with LIB for linking) and as a C header file. The binary blob contained in C header file can be casted to and invoked in the same manner as BeaEngine's Disasm function. The ZIP package includes the classic version as well as the Cheetah version.

  1. Revision 138
  2. Revision 143
  3. Revision 164
  4. Revision 166
  5. Revision 168

Export Rename

Export rename is a small utility to mangle exported and imported symbols in a 32-bit Portable Executable (PE) file. It helps slow down reverse engineering attempts by replacing sensible names from the binaries with confusing ones.

Before: Export Table, Import Table.

After: Export Table, Import Table.

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